Introduction Hatchery Guide

Why should you study this management guide?

Most people who are involved in commercial hatchery practise have seen different management guides and may think ‘if you have seen one, you’ve seen all’. Others take the contents more seriously and expect frequent up-dates to find specific data which apply to the current generation of layers and current management practices. Newcomers in the business may need more detailed explana- tions than can be presented in this compact format.

This guide aims at giving the reader a prime understanding about the processes that are happening inside a hatching egg from the moment of lay until the chick is hatching and finally pro- cessed and transported to the rearing farm. Based on this information practise-proven management recommendations are derived.

When applying them to the individual hatchery the local conditions like technical equipment, climate, legislation etc. have to be taken into account. The recommendation of the machine manufacturer should always be considered.

If you have any questions after reading this guide, we would like to encourage you to contact us. We appreciate all advice, feedback and suggestions from our customers.