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How it feels to work with H&N

Philosophy, values and mission

We work globally for your local success. We are literally into chicken, our selected DNA is featured in the best, unrivalled layers around the world. At the same time we are people-centered business. We value, appreciate and seek different traits as we do different talents and areas of specialization.

Our multinational team unites behind just one goal: making you the most successful layer breeders in your markets.

We welcome and celebrate diversity and we thrive on solving challenging tasks together. Working for H&N International means to be part of exciting global project teams and to collaborate in close lock with colleagues that share the same goal and take pride in going the extra mile it often takes to find the best solution.

We are driven by the ideal of beneficial and supportive relationships with our customers that are long lasting and basing on mutual trust, respect and the wish to achieve the best together.

Expect only the best when you work with H&N International: best quality chicks with a maximum genetic potential and leading edge technical services and support package. All that to put you ahead in highly competitive market environments.

  • Philosophy, values and mission

    Company Values

    We are committed to our customers reliable long-term support, we oblige ourselves to apply latest science and technology in a mindful way that is beneficial for customers, employees, our parent birds and the environment.

  • Philosophy, values and mission

    Arthur Heisdorf

    Since Arthur Heisdorf founded H&N International in 1945 his values remained the same for us today:

    • Proud to work here for customers like you.
    • Making a scientific approach mandatory for bullet and waterproof solutions that work.
    • Mindfully and with respect to nature we won’t force scientific progress and instead stay curious, watchful and prepared to embrace and develop unexpected new ideas.
    • We consider good communication key to interact well with all our stakeholders, customers and colleagues to jointly develop the best strategies and recommendations.
    • Future orientation to predict and be ready to supply what our customers markets will need tomorrow.
    • Always be as innovative, agile and adapting as our birds.



    Since change is constant, our business DNA is to constantly breed adaptive layer parent stock by industry-leading on-demand-selection, investments into latest science and technology, and an unwavering commitment to customer profit and partnership.


    Mission Statement

    We are a strong understanding and reliable business partner giving commercial layer breeders the key to their profit by selecting parent stock adaptive to any local climate, feed, housing and market requirements in the world.


    Positioning Statement

    We professionally serve layer breeders and layer distributors who seek to eliminate economical risks by maximizing the adaptive potential of our parent stock that we select to meet individual production requirements, conditions and sales goals.


    Our offer

    Adaptive, versatile, integrating: Our parent stock and their offspring is looking great at everything in the egg-industry and at home anywhere in the world: Profitable high production long-term, proven best egg quality and shell strength with any housing, any climate and any feed, complemented with unrivalled technical services and support package and a reliable business partnership throughout the entire breeding cycle across two flocks.