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Technical service support for customers

Being a comprehensive veterinary laboratory H&N Veterinary Laboratory helps you to ensure highest poultry health and sanitary standards. We regard this a major aspect of our customer support. Because only healthy flocks can perform to the maximum of their genetic potential. Flock health is a core part of the total scientific research activity we do. But we just start here, there is a lot more to your service:

Clinical Services

Vaccination provides immunity to locally prevalent poultry diseases. Also breeder flocks and parent stocks get vaccinated to pass on maternal antibodies to their progeny, your layer birds. Our veterinary laboratory staff measures antibody titers to analyze and monitor the effectiveness of vaccination programs and protect your bird business. Because only effective vaccination is vaccination at all. Further emphasis is on:

  • ELISA Testing
  • Serology
  • Bacteriology
  • Virology

Hygiene and Health Status

We continuously monitor the health status of all internal multiplier and test flocks, their environments and the place of hatchery. Thereby we help ensure that H&N chicks are free of egg transmitted diseases such as Mycoplasma, Salmonella and Lymphoid Leukosis.

Our team of experienced and specially qualified veterinarians at H&N also offers our customers consulting and advice on all areas of poultry health management practice and immunization procedures for effective prevention of deseases. We support you in tailoring and applying your individual solution to keep your flock healthy such as:

  • Designing an individual vaccination program for your flock
  • Designing an effective hygiene monitoring program
  • Analyzing the infection status of your farm
  • Evaluating and optimizing the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection measures

Diagnostic Laboratory

Our diagnostic laboratory at H&N offers a wide spectrum of poultry health services. Any recommended medication is preceded by an accurate diagnosis of the flock’s actual health issues. By doing so we ensure fast, targeted and accurate solutions to poultry health problems.

In addition to common pathology, serology, bacteriology and virology we apply molecular methods such as real time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) to examine all types of pathogens such as Mycoplasma or the Avian Influenza virus within just a few hours. Because time is money, and fast countermeasures mean better protection to your flock.

Fast detection of bronchitis virus strains or virulence factors in E. coli strains is equally possible.

Equipped with extensive diagnostic possibilities and staffed with a team of international experts and specialists, H&N’s veterinary laboratory is your competent contact partner for any health issues you may face as customer.

As such, our laboratory also can produce specific vaccines that are targeted for your flock individually to fend off health threats or issues. Flock specific vaccines can be used as tailored solution where approved vaccines against various pathogens are unavailable.


As experienced poultry people you know that proper nutrition pays off multiple times. Good layers elevate feed into saleable eggs thus creating a new value powered by the factor four. Only the best layers like our hens can do that with any feed.

Because feed is not the same as feed. Price and quality volatilities, climatic or other changes to crops to absent quality control at feed producers can all change feed ingredients and effectiveness dramatically. The more dependent layer breeders and commercial egg producers become on specific feeds, the more vulnerable you become when quality and price change.

Feed analysis laboratory

Careful selection of feed ingredients is essential in the formulation of successful feed compositions that will meet your flock’s nutritional needs and result in ongoingly high risinig production of saleable top-quality eggs.

Not only productivity issues also poultry health problems can sometimes be traced back to feed. To eliminate such risks we grant our customers access to our feed analysis laboratory when in need or when feed quality is at question.

Customers can submit feed samples and get a thorough scientific analysis paralleled with support and consultancy about what can be changed and how. We believe that this is of great advantage for our customers, because solutions can be found quickly and any negative impacts on flock health and egg-production can be minimized or eliminated as soon as possible.

Only effective hatchery and breeder flock management can guarantee prime quality chicks. Product quality is defined by the inherent properties that determine its degree of excellence.

Given good management, a day old chick of prime quality will grow fast and achieve its maximum genetic potential.

H&N provides prime quality chicks of superior health status from our state of the art hatcheries that are strategically located around the world to ensure close proximity to your markets and local conditions.

Our H&N poultry management specialists have gathered many years of experience in layer and breeder flock management, poultry housing and equipment, hatchery management and hatchery construction under all possible global conditions.

These experienced and trained specialists work closely with the veterinary and nutrition staffs as well as area sales managers. Customers have access to all this condensed knowledge and a dedicated team to help apply it.

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