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The genetic company

We are a long-term industry insider

And we really are “into” chicken! We exclusively dedicate everything we do to give you the best industry leading parent stock. Our genetic research, innovative selection and an unique, unrivalled customer support and service package makes H&N International the partner of choice for layer breeders around the world.

Strictly “Gloval”

– globally serving the worldwide “oval industry”, setting customers ahead in their local egg-markets

The H&N International genetics and health research staffs are long-term experienced in squaring the proverbial circle and give layer breeders the best ovals. We can do it all – just better.

Because H&N International puts the birds health first, we don’t compromise one trait for another, instead we mindfully orchestrate and optimize all traits for you:

  • You want stable high production of all saleable top-notch quality eggs of the weight you desire AND fast feed adaptability? Sure, our hens can!
  • You need highest egg results in IOFC AND yet great liberty at changing feeds? Go ahead, our hens can!
  • You seek longevity and robustness over 100 weeks* and extended production of saleable eggs? Lay all your business on our layers, because that’s what they are champions at!
  • You are interested in going cage-free AND you need production to stay efficient and eggs to stay saleable? Let’s go, lay low. Our layers’ genetic nesting behavior makes them efficient anywhere: inside, outside, round and about.
  • You want it all? Excellent production rate, liveability, feed conversion, shell quality and egg weight? Brown, white or tinted egg layers? Eggs of a distinguishable different color in tougher market competition? Get all you want and more!

Our Company History

since 1945

We have always been here, around and inside the global poultry industry already since 1945. We have very naturally grown our business over the past 75 years, sometimes supporting and enriching other companies with our business DNA and inventive prowess, such as Pfizer or Lohmann Breeders.

2019 H&N International separated from Lohmann Breeders to continue our successful international business with even greater focus and more liberty to supply customers worldwide with parent stock lines selected to excel in any local market requirement and condition.

Our company spirit and DNA combines fathomless energy, curiosity and agility with the scientific experience of 75 years and the inventive prowess of the founding spirit in the poultry industry. Who wouldn’t dream of being both: Agile, young and strong with 75 years experience?

Success coming your way

– applying logic logistics

We work for your success. That implies getting parent stock chicks to you safely and in time. Because our chicks are only the start of your great success-story, we take full responsibility for shipment and shipment conditions, be it short or long distance.

Our chicken travel all-inclusive as “Carriage paid to” (CPT). Our global logistics agents professionally align hatching dates with the best flight conditions available from all airlines on a daily or even hourly basis, and with connecting on-ground-delivery network of delivery vehicles and drivers to your door.

We are obliged to see to your chicks arriving in the best possible condition at your facility. We supervise their health status with data logging devices while travelling to limit or even eradicate any losses and thereby waiting time for replacements, so you can take up your business right away when they arrive.

Our monetary benefit

  • Risk-free purchase: the entire risk for potential damage, mortality, late delivery, unforeseen crisis, rebookings is on us.
  • Fair purchase: no unexpected last minute transport costs
  • Comfortable purchase: no need for you to research and book flights or delivery vans and drivers yourself and under time pressure
  • Transparent purchase: no false incentives like cheap birds with high transport costs added last-minute. And only after you signed.
  • Responsible purchase: we see to your chicks all along until they arrive at your place. We refuse delivery by “Freight on Board” (FOB) conditions because they would shift the entire risk for damage, mortality, late arrival, interrupted delivery to you and you alone.

We currently supply our customers’ distributor hatcheries with H&N parent stock originating from breeding facilities in Germany, Denmark, Spain, Canada and the USA. From these hubs we ensure door-to-door delivery under strict quality surveillance.

Parent Stock

Best performance

We are into our business and put ourselves behind your success, that’s why we take parenting our parent stocks so seriously. We constantly monitor and improve the performance characteristics of our parent stocks and their offspring’s.

See the best layers

Highest level

A very high number of hatchable eggs with outstanding hatching rate guarantee you the highest level of profitable saleable day-old chicks.

Best layer business

Our parent stocks lay the foundation for your layer business, they enable you to breed layer hens of undefeated capabilities for the successful production of saleable eggs.

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