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Enjoy easy Enlightenment

Enjoy easy Enlightenment

Dr. Fernando Carrasquer

h&n-light-management-poultry-fernando-carrasquerFernando Carrasquer explains how to use light to manage the egg production. He explains all factors and aspects about light management in an edutain mental manner – you will never feel left in the dark about light usage again after watching it.

Light Color

Light is not just the bright beaming gleaming luminosity opposed to darkness. Light varies depending on the light source it comes from. Light has different qualities and effects. Just think about the many different light bulbs you may be using in your home: From classic electric light bulbs with a thin filament to robust LEDs or energy-efficient lamps; all have different qualities and effects. Egg weight and other production Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are directly influenced by the kind and quality of light you use on your birds.

See the world through birds’ eyes and be amazed: Your birds can see certain things far better than you. See more here:


Get into the kitchen with Mr. Carrasquer and see how you can cook up your individual recipe for success. Egg mass and egg size are directly influenced by your lighting program, that’s why it must be in line with your production goals. Big eggs or small eggs? No problem when you know how to

Taylor your individual lighting program and get the egg size you want. Decide by your market demands when to set Bedtime! and make Wake-up Calls. See how to do it here

Light Intensity

Image you have a floodlight and a miserable little dying candle to choose from, and you get an idea that light also differs in intensity. Lux measures just brightness, while Lumen measures the area that a given light source illuminates. Getting exact measures of your lighting conditions is key to success, therefore using a Luxmeter is no luxury but a tool you need.

Light intensity also directly influences behavioral aspects – and those again influence production and also health and livability.

See how Fernando Carrasquer puts bird performance into the limelight:

Take Aways

Controlling and applying both light and darkness correctly are ways to actively manage your production. Light color and light frequency are perceived differently by birds. Wrong choice of both can cause stress and undesirable behaviors that affect the birds’ health and production results. Light is a key factor in poultry and must be used accordingly. Watch the exec summary here: