Career Opportunities in Poultry – Give Your Job Dreams Wings
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Career Opportunities in Poultry – Give Your Job Dreams Wings

Career Opportunities in Poultry – Give Your Job Dreams Wings



Career Opportunities in Poultry – Give Your Job Dreams Wings 

… at least when it comes to working for a brand like H&N International 

Cuxhaven/Valencia – H&N International sponsored the 16th European Poultry Conference (EPC) in June 2024 as Bronze Sponsor. Chief Geneticist Dr. David Cavero touched base with young talent in a workshop hosted by the Asociación Española de Ciencia Avícola (AECA) and the World’s Poultry Science Association (WPSA). 

 David, how many people did you meet? 

A total of 44 attendees could choose from eight companies. I did eight rounds with one to four people each visiting my desk. At the end, I met 28 participants, and really enjoyed every discussion! 

 What was their main interest for a career in poultry? 

Discussions didn’t solely focus on the poultry sector, after a short presentation of H&N and the egg production sector, we shared our views about companies’ needs for special skills and valuable experiences and what young professionals seek in jobs – truly inspiring! 

 How do you feel young talents perceive the industry? 

As an interesting, very broad field, with a mixture of all sorts of new technologies, procedures and yet long-standing traditions, plus changing economic needs in dynamic markets Most of my discussion partners were veterinarian students, well aware of nutrition and vaccination companies, but not yet of genetic brands. 

 Your career is in genetics, why is it great to work here? 

It’s an interesting field at an innovative employer. I work where life itself continuously develops, at the very start of value creation chains. Of course, nutrition, vaccinations, housing systems and good management must support and protect the birds, so they unfold their full genetic potential in the field. But genetics is more holistic: we select the best birds, optimizing their performance to handle well all sorts of climatic or nutritional situations because of their strong genetic disposition!  

 And why H&N International? 

Because H&N International is the most innovative genetic company! Not in terms of pushing technical boundaries. But because H&N wisely thinks in sustainable value creation chains that encompass animals and people, breeders everywhere in the world, their egg producing customers and their local market demands in a way that creates benefits. It’s deeply rewarding to see how my colleagues and our customers react positively to this, to us being as adaptable to local demands as our birds. 

 What else do you think appeals to young talents? 

I appreciate the flexibility and working with an interdisciplinary and international team. Fast decision making in an agile team of global experts and specialists that all share that same mission of customer centeredness. Being in a multi-lingual diverse team we are well versed in communication, mutual support and joint achievements, we are a lean team, and it feels like working amongst friends!