Proudly personalize your poster!
H&N Breeders and Distributors of the world finest layers
España Francia
España Francia
H&N Breeders and Distributors of the world finest layers

Proudly personalize your poster!

Proudly personalize your poster!

Because you, the H&N Customers, sell best eggshell strength every day!

Cuxhaven, 19th May 2021 – H&N International launched “The Oval Eggspedition” so every customer can be sure where to find the best layers producing the best shell strength in the industry.

“Our customers and their customers are all part of the strong story our film tells. Because best shell strength means best-selling proposition for them”, says Xabier Arbe, Business Unit Manager.

Now customers can personalize their own poster with their company logo and their country colors and choose between five language templates. This way they can communicate the meaning of shell strength to their markets – entirely for free!

Small things have big impacts. This rings particularly true for shell strength, but it is hard to explain and talk about a criterion many only realize when it is missing. Customers can create own materials simply by localizing the H&N poster templates available in the H&N International VIP-Lounge.

Here is how to create your own movie-poster – all you need to have ready on your computer desktop is an image-file of your company logo and your country flag:

1. Log into the VIP-Room
2. Click on the frame “Free Marketing Material”
3. Choose your language – if your language is not there yet, please contact our marketing department and we will see how we can help
4. Click on the poster template to download it as PowerPoint-file
5. Click on “Activate editing” in the top yellow menu bar appearing in Windows
6. Click on the small symbols right in the middle of each of the two frames and choose your logo and your country flag by uploading it from your desktop. If needed you can adjust the size.

7. Save your own poster and print it with pride!

If you prefer to see how it works upfront, please check out the video-tutorial that also explains the steps. 

And now: time to celebrate!
Because it is you and your birds creating the universes’ best eggshell strength!