H&N Breeders and Distributors of the world finest layers
H&N Breeders and Distributors of the world finest layers




Marketing Flashlight Quarterly A one-page push news bulletin to keep you informed about all the new marketing materials available for you in our VIP Lounge. Deep links...


Marketing Flashlight Quarterly

A one-page push news bulletin to keep you informed about all the new marketing materials available for you in our VIP Lounge. Deep links take you right to the materials discussed in the quarterly publication.

New Capsules

The “capsules” are a fast and easy way to “swallow” knowledge bites. For example, we show how and why to adjust your lighting programme to local conditions and desired egg targets or local market demands. We demonstrate why and how starting your own hatchery may be a bold strategic move to become more independent and powerful. We talk about microtoxins, the use of sunflowers and many topics more. More complex things and technical facts can be both smart and “edutaining” by embedding them into a short capsule story! Eight capsule episodes are currently online, and more will follow. If you’d like to turn your own story into a capsule— great idea, let’s
talk it through together!

New Leaflets and Management Guides

In parallel with all out digital formats, we maintain our “traditional” library of downloadable brochures, guides and leaflets. Numerous new publications came out this year, and you can find them all in our download area.


Layer-targeted egg resultoriented nutrition is not rocket science. Our NutriCubes solve issues, giving you clear and easy processes and explaining what to do to achieve the egg results you want. NutriCubes are a knowledge format in 60 chapters, with each NutriCube representing one chapter. They can be viewed digitally on any portable or tabletop device. And in future, the NutriCubes can also be downloaded and printed as collectible items—whatever the question about layer-targeted nutrition, the knowledge can be folded and carried around or stacked in a card index box.

The purpose of combining analogue and digital formats is to back learning, discussing, explaining and, where desired, staff training—and it shows how easy and modular nutrition management really is. Build on it to get your egg results!


Multimedia Gallery

Yet another place to be when you want to market your birds better! Our new Multimedia Gallery already has a wealth of images, and in future we will also make other media formats like videos, podcasts and social media content available here. If you’re looking for a good new image of our birds as a whole or in close-up, their chicks, their eggs and the different types of housing or feeds, you can find them in the Multimedia Gallery. All the images have a protective watermark and an image source to be quoted—

KAI Media Kit

Our new farming assistant KAI Blue has a counterpart for egg producing: KAI Red. You may want to actively inform your egg producers about the new concept that will help them manage their layers and egg production procedures correctly according to the desired results and market demands. The Media Kit consists of ready-to-use texts and a Question & Answers List. How about adapting the texts to your local language and using them to inform your stakeholder directly? Or maybe inform your local trade media about the app, which is already nicknamed the “Apple” standard for layer and egg farming? Technically and in terms of functionality and service, it is just as cutting edge and user-friendly as the namesake brand, just not as expensive. In fact, it’s entirely free!




New Movie

Our founding father Artur Heisdorf continues to impress us! In 2020 we found Arthur and Mary Heisdorf’s personal scrap book. It became the cornerstone of our online museum, because who could better tell and illustrate the long and proud history of H&N International than Art and Mary themselves?

We knew we had found a very personal treasure in that big brown book. And how amazing that this was not the only treasure Art and Mary left for us to re-discover!

In 2022 we also found a rusty round tin containing a film reel. Film strips went out of fashion with the first video cassette, and video cassettes became obsolete with the first DVD. DVDs are also about to become memorabilia because now everybody can stream anything anytime…so this newly found treasure must be old.

Very, very, very old! Almost 60 years! What would we see on this film strip? And where to get a machine to display and digitize it today? Stay tuned for more, because what we found was truly amazing!

General Company Brochure

Brief, colorful and in our new corporate visual style, the company brochure can be downloaded like the Management Guides. It gives an overview of all our breeds, the key benefits of adaptability to any climate, any feed, any housing and any local egg target. The brochure also shows what sets H&N International apart and why this brand positively stands out!


Slider Card Kit

Surely, there are a few things people enjoy doing with the lights out. Egg production is not of them! Do it with the lights on—we show you exactly how much light and for how long. To make this knowhow stick, the slider card has a little built-in mechanism that will make people want to pick up the card frequently and look at it or put it prominently on their desks or tables.

Knowledge is only good when understood and repeatedly applied, and the purpose of this special card is to encourage just that.

Want it in your language and adapted to your local light conditions? Our pleasure, let’s get it done together!

Message Folder Card Kit

Amazing paper items can be simple, producible at very low cost and yet make a big impact when it comes to knowledge transfer and learning. We will be providing another downloadable print kit for an amazing card that conveys a lot of messages and is fun to use repeatedly, because the folding mechanism creates an astonishing effect.

Diamond Poster as Printable

Another poster that unfolds with a story. Printable on DIN A3 and foldable to a mailfriendly DIN A6 postcard size, you can visually tell the story of how H&N birds have coordinated production steps, influences and factors, and why this beauty of coordination creates so much value— every H&N egg is an edible gem, and you can show why. The poster is related to a video you can also show if you don’t want to do all the talking yourself.


We base all our materials on DIN A-Formats. If you have different paper formats in your country, please let us know and we can adapt the sizes for you.