H&N NutriCubes: Informed decisions when it comes to layer feed!
H&N Breeders and Distributors of the world finest layers
H&N Breeders and Distributors of the world finest layers

H&N NutriCubes: Informed decisions when it comes to layer feed!

H&N NutriCubes: Informed decisions when it comes to layer feed!

H&N International

Compact cutting-edge nutrition knowledge fair and square for everybody

06.10.2022 – Is your feed optimized for your layer breed and your specific egg results? H&N NutriCubes present a modular publication with monthly collectable chapters that not only answer this central question but offer multiple benefits for all feed stakeholders to start working layer targeted.

“H&N NutriCubes equip you for an educated discussion and for informed decision making! We want to enable egg industry stakeholders to really know and understand if their feed really delivers what they need. We want them to be able to get their layers what the birds need for specific egg targets” says Xabier Arbe, Managing Director and Chief Nutritionist at H&N International.

Adjusted breeds and feeds

Feed formulation must never feel like gambling. “The feed formulation is key on supporting the performance of the genetics. Therefore, it needs to be adjusted to the genetic potential and production target, “says Arbe
Genetics base on proven recipes for success
It is well researched and absolutely clear what each layer breed needs in feed for a specific egg result. “H&N NutriCubes present a knowledge-format that literally squares away problems and helps to turn feed formulation and feed management into a recipe for success and thus into a winning game!”, explains Arbe.

The truth about customization

Layer feed should be based on layer principles and not be based on mirroring other species. “We need to be critical about the design of the feed and pose the appropriate questions”, Arbe points out. So, what questions must be answered to know?

“Is this feed layer-optimized for a cost-efficient production?”
“Is this feed adapted to the feed intake at my barn?”
“Will this feed give my layers all they need to achieve my particular egg results?

The truth about target feed intake

Genetic companies usually measure how much nutrient intake their layer breeds need for certain results. H&N birds can adapt their feed intake so they can keep up optimum productivity with any feed as long it is well balanced. All layer feed needs a defined target feed intake stated for matching the needs of the production. If that is ensured, there will be good answers to these questions:

“Is the feed accurate to support the performance that I am aiming?”
“Are my raw material analysis accurate enough?”
“What is the IOFC?”

Every stakeholder can benefit of Nutricubes…

  • NutriCubes support self-employed consultants and veterinarians to gain in layer feed reputation and win new markets with truly layer optimized recipes
  • NutriCubes help inhouse nutritionists achieve better results and support his or her impact in successful production
  • NutriCubes can help premix companies to win new markets by offering customized layer recipes for the different egg production targets with comprehensive approach in additive usage
  • NutriCubes enable feed companies to offer more layer customized feed even with cheaper ingredients, because the feed would yet be better adapted to actual laying results.
  • Last but not least, NutriCubes can help traders and feed mills to consolidate SKUS and achieve a product diversification for new markets

“Everybody can have a great reference when designing layer recipes or making layer feed. Now is available to everybody and everybody can benefit of it!”, suggests Arbe. “Every stakeholder has something to win with layer-optimized feeds. That is what we issue NutriCubes for.”

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